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Welcome to Altea Spanish Courses {A friendly way to learn Spanish}

Learn Spanish as you learned your first language, with visual aids and hands on practice. We make the process smooth, easy and lots of fun. The classes are both enjoyable and very practical, helping students to pick up the language from the first day. The courses combine grammar and conversation.

1- Crash course

Boost your confidence with our “Spanish Survival courses”

This is perfect for those you have limited time available but who are highly motivated to improve significantly.

Spanish lessons: 8 hours
(Flexible time and days)
Total Price: € 180,00

2- Adaptation course “En Altea como en casa”

The following programs are specifically designed for new residents in Spain. They will help newcomers-whatever their age-to waste no time in rapidly adapting to their new environment. “En Altea como en casa” is a program for new citizens of Spain who want to quickly feel comfortable in their new environment. It helps them to fulfil their daily needs without feeling like an outsider. Speaking, Studying, Practicing Spanish and also learning something about the History and Culture of this wonderful area. Every day:

9:30 to 12:30 Lesson and practice

12:30 to 13:30 hs. Eat together (not Friday)
Afternoon excursion (Opcional* Mon. Tues. or Thurs.)
Friday “Fiesta” at 19:00 hs
Total Price: € 350,00

Enrolment and Conditions:

All levels from beginners to advanced.
All materials are included
Payment in advance
If you need to cancel a lesson and arrange an alternative day, please give 24 hours notice

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