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Welcome to Telitec, the leading independent provider of telecoms in Spain and Baleares

We are one of few CMT licensed wireless operators in the country today and offer a full range of telecoms services and products. Whether residential or business, part-time or full time, novice or IT expert, Telitec will have a service and package to suit you. With full Technical and customer support and a designated account manager you could not be in better hands.

Best quality service and products at the very best prices for you.

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CALLS : The most used method of making calls either here in Spain or worldwide. Calls from only 1 cent per minute, UK and Europe with no connection charge. Call instantly on this low cost call package.

SUPERFAST INTERNET: {Broadband} 6 Ways to Connect, Wireless, ADSL, Naked ADSL, Dial up, Mobile 3G & Satellite. Telitec can get you connecting Full time, part time, big user or small, residential or business we got it covered.

MOBILES: Whether you are a residential or business mobile phone user, at Telitec we can save you lots of €’s on your monthly costs! With our pay-as-you-go service from Hits Mobile (Vodafone Network), we offer you the cheapest call rates in Spain from your mobile

UK TV: Telitec have 2 solutions for UK TV in Spain. Either with a Satellite dish or IPTV (via the internet) Now you do not need to miss any of your favourite programmes whilst in Spain.

Click on the Telitec Logo above or Fibre 300 photo for full details of all services and prices.

Telitec Fibre Optic


Fibre optic technology delivers superfast broadband speeds of up to 300Mb which lets you do so much more online so much faster. This means there’s no more battling for bandwidth, even in the busiest home or office.


  • Installation, Wi-Fi Router & Set top box 185€ + IVA (223.85€ incl. IVA).
  • Offer! 150.00€ + IVA (181.50€ incl. IVA) – First 500 Clients!
  • TV activation fee 10.00€ + IVA (12.10€ incl. IVA).
  • 12 month contract.

30MB download & 30MB upload:

1.     30MB/30MB + Telephone No. – 30€ + IVA per month (36.30€ incl. IVA).

2.     30MB/30MB + Telephone No. + TV – 40€ + IVA per month (48.40€ incl. IVA).

300MB download & 300MB upload:

1.     300MB/300MB + Telephone No. – 40€ + IVA per month (48.40€ incl. IVA).

2.     300MB/300MB + Telephone No. + TV – 50€ + IVA per month (60.50€ incl. IVA).

*Note: 50% Deposit of installation charge is required on initial request. Final payment to be paid on activation.