Rental Cars Discount Hire


We recommend Rental Cars as a reliable and efficient car hire provider, however, as with most car hire providers the basic advertised price of a daily or weekly rental can appear to be mis-leading. For example, in most cases the actual hire companies don’t mention until you call at their service desk to collect the car that there is a SERVICE CHARGE ! this can be around £24.00, plus there is the FUEL Charge, often you have to pay for a full tank, also they will ask for a Refundable Deposit of around £1000.00 on your credit card, or instead of this offer you non refundable ”Super Insurance” for around £125.00. When you add all this up it will give you the true cost of your rental. This being said overall it is usually still a very good deal, but we like to make customers aware of these charges before they book.

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