Building Plots in Spain

Building Land in Spain:

It is important when buying land for building a residential property in Spain that the plot you select is suitable for what you have in mind. The regulations in Spain have changed recently and ANY type of house being built now requires planning permission, previous to this it was possible to place a log cabin {for example} on a plot of land either urban or rural, but now the plot for any type of residential home must have permanent connections to all mains services, electricity, water, sewerage etc.. before planning approval can be obtained.

Also different regions can have slightly different regulations, so before buying a plot it is vital that all checks are made at the relevant town hall planning department to ensure that the correct permissions can be obtained. The maximum size of property that you can build {m2 living area} {footprint} is determined by the size {m2} of the plot of land either rural or urban. Our local agents, architects, and constructors can assist you in obtaining the correct information before you decide to proceed with the land purchase.