Bank Repossession Property in Spain

Spanish Repossessions – The Old Way

Everyone seems to be talking about repossessions and distressed sales. The trouble is many properties advertised as distressed or bank repossessions actually are the same properties which were being offered 6 or 12 months ago but with a slightly smaller price tag!

Properties Sold at Debt Value

Some properties will be sold at the debt value, only a small additional fee on the debt will be added to cover the administration charges. This means you will be purchasing the property at an incredible price and as this is not offered through a chain of 3rd parties the price will not have been inflated with high commissions.

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Please Click Here to contact us regarding bank properties giving as much precise detail as possible as to the type of property or properties you are looking for, in particular your available budget and preferred location in Spain, on receipt of these details we will reply with information on the available properties, please note that as the property downturn in Spain has now reversed, there will be fewer bank repossession & distressed properties.